Two Trafalgar holidays inside a month – how good is that!! After a few days in Boston, we followed our Enchanting Maritimes trip with a journey through Best of Eastern Canada. As we expected, there was a real contrast between the two holidays. Both were fantastically enjoyable, but on this one the French flavour added another dimension to the experience. We began in bustling Toronto – a great introduction to the many faces of Canada, with its mix of different cultures, its beautiful parks, stately historical buildings and soaring CN Tower. And the shopping was outstanding! Next, we were off to Niagara Falls. No matter how much you think you know about this famous sight, nothing can prepare you for its breathtaking vastness. We had a marvelous time viewing the falls from both above and below aboard the Maid of the Mist charter boat.

That evening, we visited a wonderful family-run winery just outside Niagara where we had a warm welcome by the owners who hosted our group on a private tour and wine tasting, including award winning wines and Vice – the world’s first vodka ice-wine martini. But the real highlight was the Be My Guest dinner that followed. Set in a beautiful spot overlooking the vineyards, with delicious food and the feeling of being welcomed like old friends, the whole experience was unforgettable. We wondered if anything could top Niagara… until we hit the Province of Quebec. The French influence here is so palpable, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re actually in France. In Montreal, we had a fantastic Local Guide who showed us the sights and told us the secrets of this lovely city.

Apart from being the largest French-speaking city outside France, did you know Montreal has one of the largest underground ‘cities’ in the world? This huge underground network links 20 miles of pedestrian walkways, subway stations, hotels and apartments, hundreds of restaurants, dozens of movie theatres, countless boutiques, two universities and one college! We never would have guessed such a vast metropolis was right under our feet if not for our guide’s local knowledge. We arrived in gorgeous Quebec City, which again felt so ‘French’, but this time, very old-world French with its traditional flower markets and artisan bakeries. We spent hours exploring the shops and cafés of the old walled city.

Two great days in Canada’s beautiful capital Ottawa capped off a truly memorable holiday – in no small way due to the knowledge and enthusiasm of our Travel Director, Christine. She made each day a delight, right down to the last leg of our journey when she revealed a Hidden Treasure – the town of Westport on the Rideau Lakes. We never would have found this charming town on our own, which was easily worth a day’s exploration. So, thank you Christine – and Trafalgar!

Anne and Duncan Ferries from Australia

Anne and Duncan Ferries at Niagara Falls

Anne and Duncan Ferries at Niagara Falls

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