For as long as Trafalgar has been taking guests around the globe, we’ve proudly shared the love we have for all of the places that the world has to explore. Our rich understanding of our destinations allows our guests to not just see where they are – but feel like they are there as an insider.

With this in mind, Trafalgar’s 2013 Europe and Britain brochure is now available with all of the great itineraries that Trafalgar has to offer in the year ahead. It embodies the tireless work of the Trafalgar product team, each and every member having gone out of their way to ensure that:

  • when travelling with us, you not only never have to lift a finger, you have all of the right hotels and sightseeing to meet your wishes and needs
  • we open the door to a destination, showing you the wonderful hidden places not mentioned in guidebooks, introducing you to the local people you wouldn’t otherwise meet, and sharing the customs you may not have discovered by yourself.

Trafalgar is the friend you wish for in every destination. As an insider, we can take you deeper into a destination to discover, learn and enjoy.

We are excited that for the upcoming year, there is even more to enjoy. The team has innovated further, developing new, authentic, and exclusive experiences just for our guests, such as being invited to savour delicious regional cuisine in unique venues.

Our expertly trained Travel Directors will reveal unexpected delights and a breathtaking depth of local knowledge. And, as always, we’ll take care of the details so you can simply enjoy the hassle-free holiday of a lifetime.

The following are a few of my personal favourites, and give you a taste of what can be enjoyed with Trafalgar.

When travelling with us to Germany you will enjoy a trip to Burg Liebenstein. This magnificent castle overlooks the Rhine Valley. History will come alive as your host divulges secrets of the castle, including stories of the knights who once lived there. How to top that? You will then enjoy delicious German fare carefully selected to exemplify the best food from the region. Best of Germany or Best of Germany & Austria

Italy remains one of my personal favourite destinations. With Trafalgar you will visit Fattoria di Maiano, a scenic olive oil estate dating back to the 15th century in the Tuscan hills. The villa has been used as a location for numerous celebrated films. It’s here that you will be welcomed by the family who still own, reside and work at the estate. As guests in their home, you’ll enjoy an enchanting dinner of local Italian specialities, with views over the rolling Tuscan hills. La dolce vita! Italian Holiday or Gladiators, Gondolas & Gold

When travelling in my home town of Geneva, Switzerland, we have added a unique visit to CERN. This is where the quest for the long-sought Higgs boson continues. This is an experience not to be missed – it is simply captivating. With Trafalgar you’ll visit the world’s largest particle physics laboratory to uncover the ‘secrets of matter’ and learn about the ground-breaking scientific experiments that are taking place in Geneva. European Spotlight

In Belfast, Northern Ireland, you will experience the city from the comfort a Black Cab, where the local cab driver will take you into ‘their’ Belfast. You’ll learn firsthand from those who lived through ‘The Troubles’ as they show you areas of the city that were affected and have now prospered. This is a very different way of experiencing and gaining a distinctive perspective on this unforgettable city. Britain & Ireland Grandeur or Irish Experience

In the renowned university town of Cambridge, England, Trafalgar makes possible a superb way for you to appreciate this historic and impressive city – punting on the River Cam. Sit back and relax while your Local Expert ‘chauffeur’ pushes the boat along with a long pole, all the while delighting you with stories of the history and the architecture, as well as life as a student. The Britannia

These are just a few examples of the many enhanced experiences that we will share with our guests in the year ahead. We also have a number of new itineraries.

In 2013 you can travel with us to Corsica and Sardinia. Here, barely 10 miles of the Mediterranean Sea separate the islands, but despite their proximity you will uncover two distinctively different experiences. Discover the Costa Smeralda beaches of Sardinia and find out why Corsica is known as The Island of Beauty. Corsica & Sardinia

There is also a new series of specialised itineraries on offer – our Inspired Holidays. These will give you an insider’s perspective on particular areas of interest, including the European battlefields of both World Wars WW I & WW II Battlefields, the gardens of England’s most celebrated country estates English Country Gardens, and the culinary delights of genuine Italian food Flavours of Italy.

Travelling with Trafalgar in 2013 will not only give you more outstanding travel experiences, you will also receive much more value for your money. In fact, on most itineraries you can travel for less than in 2012. Due to the weaker Euro and our negotiating strength in contracting, we’ve been able to pass the savings on to you. We are also offering considerable savings with our Early Payment Discount, where if you book and pay in full by 27th December, you can save up to 10% off your trip to Europe.

These are just some of the many, many reasons 2013 is the year to travel with Trafalgar.

I sincerely hope that you choose to travel with us in the year ahead, allowing us to demonstrate to you how we have gone, and continue to go, the extra distance to ensure you get an extraordinary travel experience at unbeatable value.

Wishing you safe and enjoyable travels.

Gavin Tollman
CEO, Trafalgar

Trafalgar CEO, Gavin Tollman

Trafalgar CEO, Gavin Tollman

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5 Responses

  1. Susan Drigant Brunson

    We so agree Gavin! We just completed our 11th Trafalgar Tour this month…Best of Greece plus 7 day Aegean Cruise. Trafalgar Tours 12 and 13 (May 2013) have been booked a year in advance, and we just booked 14 (our first Insight Tour) for October 2013!

    My husband and I have our own slogan for Trafalgar:

    No Worries, No Responsibilities, Just Fun!

  2. Annette M. Cockrell

    Having been a loyal client of Trafalgar now for several years, I wish to express my sincere “thanks” for always providing the best of Tours, accommodations, sightseeing treasures to be discovered and most of all the opportunity to meet & mingle with other clients plus sharing a wonderful “holiday time” together. It is of no surprise then to find that you employ some of the best, knowledgeable Tour Directors with a good amount of sense of humor to glue the ambience with different personalities….and so it produces the ultimate objective….happy clients! Thank you again!

    One happy traveller
    Annette M. Cockrell
    Punta Gorda, Florida

  3. Beth Schweitzer

    I was just on the best of Germany and Austria
    Noel was our keeper for two weeks he took such good care of us and he was brave enough to take 49 to octoberfest that takes guts and he survived I am telling all my customers hoping to go to Italy next year
    Thank you beth

  4. Marise Abbott

    Agree 100%. My family of four just completed our first ever group tour, and it was with Trafalgar. It was absolutely fantastic. We can’t wait to go on our next one. I’m thinking “Best of Germany”, or Croatia or Turkey or ANYWHERE. Susie Nelles showed us how a tour director takes all the pain, stress, and trouble away. Thanks so much,
    Marise Abbott
    Perth, Australia

  5. Shirley Torrie

    We are going on two tours next year … I’m starting to wonder if I’m taking on too much at once. 18 days European Calvacade then a week or so break then 12 England Ireland tour. I’ve never been to the Northern Hemisphere so it will all be new. Just over 6 weeks away from NZ – has anyone done this too?


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