Travel Director:  Larry Womack
Regions:  Western USA

Trafalgar’s Travel Directors play a key role in providing each of our guests with a truly memorable experience. From the moment your Trafalgar journey begins, our Travel Directors share their local knowledge and provide a personalised, one-of-a-kind insider’s view of each destination. They are experienced travellers, learned historians and culture buffs whose job is to help you become immersed in the places you visit.

Travel Director Larry Womack took a few minutes to talk to the Trafalgar Blog to share some of his experiences and give some insight to why he loves what he does.

Tell us a bit about yourself Larry…
I am passionate about American and Native America History. I spent twenty years as Publisher of newspapers all over California.

What is the best part of your job?
Meeting so many wonderful people and showing them this great country.

What’s your best Hidden Treasure?
Elephant Seals at San Simone. They are magical.

What is your most memorable on the road moment?
Watching my passengers step off from a flight over the Grand Canyon and the tears in their eyes as they are stunned by the beauty of the canyon.

What vacation photo would you recommend our guests have to take?
Monument Valley – there is something so magical about the place.

Staple travel items?
My iPod – nothing sets the mood better than music. And my camera to take pictures of all the wonderful people who make up our experience – our guests!

What is your tip for feeling like a local when traveling?
Eat and sample all the local foods, from Navajo Taco’s to a wonderful seafood stew at Cioppino in San Francisco.

What is your favourite food within your region?
Mexican food. Mexican food has been part of this region long before the Americans came. 

Must Buy Souvenir?
Anything Native American; you will only find it here in America and their craftsmanship is outstanding. 

What or who is your biggest inspiration?
My guests – they allow me to display my passion about the West and all the history that has taken place over hundreds of years. 

What is your best Travel tip?
Eat drink and be merry – take it all in – this is your vacation!

Trafalgar TD, Larry Womack

Trafalgar TD, Larry Womack

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  1. Ron and Tessa Niven

    We were lucky enough to have Larry Womack as our Tour Director in June 2009 when we took a U.S. tour of the American canyonlands. He gave great talks on the bus about all aspects of our destinations and gave out extensive printed information too. He had a wonderful depth of knowledge and did his very best to ensure that we missed nothing while on his tour. Nothing was too much trouble for him or our driver Steve, and we all had the best time. He played us some great music too during extended hours on the road. We thought he was a really nice guy and appreciated his gentle humour when amongst us Aussies.

  2. Shelly Bachner

    I was on the same tour as Ron and Tessa with Larry and Steve (Wonders of the American West). It was a wonderful vacation with lots of new friends. The high desert national parks were so beautiful. I could have lived at the hotel in Moab permanently with the Colorado River at the back of the hotel. I am signed up with Trafalgar for Best of Canada’s West and it would be wonderful if Larry also presented this tour. He was excellent. If not, then I’m sure the new tour director will also be good. Looking forward to seeing the wonders of Canada.

  3. Susan

    We are heading to Italy next week, to join the Great Cities of Italy tour. I have never been to Europe, & am looking forward to meeting the Trafalger tour group!


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