Compact Cameras
Also known as point-and-shoot cameras, these are great for taking holiday snaps. If you are looking for an easy-to-use camera that doesn’t need any fiddling with complicated settings, then a compact camera is a good way to go. They have an autofocus function as well as automatic settings for things like exposure and flash.


Bridge Cameras

If you’d like to have a bit more control over your settings, a bridge camera might be the way to go for you. The name for this type of camera comes from the fact that it forms a bridge between the compacts and the DSLRs. It has most of the manual settings that you’d normally find on a DSLR, but it also has some of the easy to use features of a compact camera. Additionally it usually comes with a fixed lens that can’t be changed although there are some bridge camera types that allow you to change the lens.

DSLRs or Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras use a prism and a mirror so that you can look through the lens and see the exact image you want to photograph. They’re a bit more expensive but in return you’ll get faster shooting, better image quality and expandability. It’s what professional photographers use and great for amateurs who are a bit more serious about their travel photos.


Smart Phones
Don’t dismiss the camera on your smart phone as nowadays the quality on most smart phones are getting better and better and they’re the best for taking those holiday selfies.

Photo by Mr Script under Creative Common Licence

Photo by Mr Script under Creative Common Licence

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3 Responses

  1. coastcontact

    On our 2012 Trafalgar London Paris tour I used my Panasonic FZ150 bridge camera. Plenty of zoom from wide angle to distance without bothering to change lenses. I saw just one couple doing a lens change in Monet Garden. DSLRs do not lend themselves to tours.

  2. Asrlloyd

    I also used a hybrid, or bridge, camera. A canon SX10. I like the fact that it takes awesome pictures and is easy to carry as it does not have multiple lenses. At home I use a DSLR and find it a pain to switch lenses while out enjoying nature.


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