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The holiday season is with us once more bringing with it joy and sorrow in equal measure.  If you’ve ever despaired of your partner spending endless days frying on the beach, you’ll know that the 24-7 intensity of the holiday season can test even the strongest relationship.

If friends are now confined to half-term breaks at holiday parcs, venturing solo to far-flung destinations can be liberating for some but equally daunting for others.

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Joining a group trip can be a perfect compromise. Taking care of the time-consuming task of holiday planning, your action-packed itinerary will ensure you squeeze the most out of your precious annual leave entitlement. Whether living it up in Rio or exploring Hanoi, your experienced Trafalgar Travel Director  will lead you to places you wouldn’t find when travelling independently, smoothing the path to a hassle-free holiday.

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Meeting up with a group of like-minded international strangers is also a great way to move out of your comfort zone while expanding your horizons.  Sharing new, exhilarating experiences can help create lasting memories and in some cases, life-long bonds with fellow travellers spread across the four corners of the globe.

After all the sight-seeing, evening meals are a great opportunity to reflect on the day’s adventures, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be nursing a mobile phone for company.  If you’re single, there may even be romance in the air and what better way to meet than under a canopy of stars in a far-flung destination. Just make sure they’re not a beach lover first.

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Happy holidays!

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