From dim sum to steaming bowls of Pho, from great piles of wurst to the incredible variety of a fry-up, everybody likes to kick-start their day with something appetizing. Here, we look at the best breakfasts from around the world, to judge which dishes will put a spring in your step…


Breakfasts From Around the World

There’s a little controversy over how many items must be included before an English breakfast qualifies as the “Full English”. However, non-negotiables tend to include sausages, bacon, baked beans, eggs, mushrooms, black pudding and hash brown.


Breakfasts From Around the World

Rather confusingly pronounced “Fuh”, Pho is the breakfast of champions in Vietnam. Stuffed full of cilantro, bean sprouts, mint, spring onion, lime, nuts and chilli, this steaming bone broth is not only delicious, it’s also remarkably healthy. 


Breakfasts From Around the World

A country that’s known for its wurst is always going to serve lots of cold meats at breakfast. But there are also dark breads, cheeses, muesli and pretzels to enjoy, as well. If you’re still hungry, make a beeline for Southern Germany, where they often serve “zweites fruhstuck” – that’s a “second breakfast” to you and me.


Breakfasts From Around the World

Steamed rice, miso soup, fermented soy beans, grilled or boiled fish, picked vegetables and dried seaweed always form the core of a Japanese breakfast, but there’s plenty of room for improvisation, too.


Breakfasts From Around the World

The national fruit of Jamaica, ackee falls apart like scrambled egg when it’s cooked and can be mixed with lots of other ingredients. Enjoy alongside everything from fried plantains and salted fish to tomatoes and fresh fruit for a flavour-packed morning meal.


Breakfasts From Around the World

Rice wrapped in leaves, bowls of rice porridge, wonton dumplings in a broth, and hot bazoi buns are all good ways to satisfy early cravings in the Middle Kingdom. But if these fail to hit the spot, nobody will bat any eyelid if you opt for dim sum instead.


Breakfasts From Around the World

Shakshuka is the healthy workhorse of Israeli breakfasts. Poached (or baked) eggs served in a tomato and vegetable sauce, it’s often accompanied by a combination of salads, olives and yoghurts.


Breakfasts From Around the World

Once the fuel of choice for hungry ranchers, huevos rancheros is now Mexico’s favourite way to start the day. Mind-bogglingly simple (with recipes usually including four main ingredients – fried eggs, fiery salsa, refried beans and fresh corn tortilla), if it was historically good enough to kick off a rancher’s morning, it’s probably good enough for you, too.


Breakfasts From Around the World

Originating from the Punjab, chole bhature is now eaten all over India. Essentially a chickpea curry accompanied by fried flat bread, its tangy flavours and delicious spices are sure to wake you up no matter how early you rise.

If the sound of these breakfast dishes awakes pangs of hunger, why not click here to see some of the places you could experience them first-hand.

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